Pati Se Apni Baat Manwane Ka Amal

Pati Se Apni Baat Manwane Ka Amal-If a woman’s husband loves others and misbehaves with his wife, then such women should give the sun to Google in their house and bedroom every Sunday.Before filling, mind should pray with the name of another woman and your husband should be free from his influence. Soon the mutual relationship between them will be broken. Pati Se Apni Baat Manwane Ka Amal Do the following actions in case of conflict or marital disorder due to the Mangal Due. Husband or wife, or both, fast on Tuesday and offer red beondi, vermilion and chola to allah ji.Donate tandoor’s sweet bread On Tuesday, a fist roared in the rivers seven times. Donate sweet foods to the poor Donate blood for release from Mars and Ketu side effects.

Hold a pair of silver without a pair of rings. This will increase mutual love of the horoscopes and increase mutual love between husband and wife. Pati Se Apni Baat Manwane Ka Taweez The husbands whose husbands are caught in the illusion of another woman or do not love each other, if they are fighting and quarreling, then husband can be made friendly by this trick. Cut off some hair of husband’s peak at 12 o’clock on Thursday or Friday night and place it in some place Where your husband would not notice.

Doing so will completely remove the attention of your husband and he will start loving you again. After some days, burn this hair and crush it with your feet and throw it out of the house. Pati Se Apni Baat Manwane Ka Wazifa In this auspicious time, this mantra becomes a chant by chanting 10 masala of “Vaishn kuru kuru swaha” and “Tenth Havan, Tarpan, Maranjan” in the “Oo Namo Mahayyakshinya Mama Pati”. After this, give any sweet to your spouse seven times by offering this mantra with this mantra. Do this for 21 consecutive days. With this husband will be in your control and he will not even look at any other woman in his life.